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Potato Sowing by Rodrigo Pacco Pacco

Quechua version

Papa tarpuy

Haku papaman puririsun saykusqa chayarkamuni papa chaqraqman. Wayqueykuna panaykuna llapaykichiswan allin punchay qachun. Noqa sutiymi Rodrigo Pacco Pacco. Noqa kani Paru Paru. Llaqtamanta kunanmi huj jarawita ruarimusaq papa tarpuymanta. Chaypaqmi jaywarikusaq Pachamaman llapan Apukunaman. Apu Kuntur Puñuna qanlla kunan jarawi ruwaskayta acompañawanki, Apu Qepor kaqllataq, Apu Mama Qocha. Jarawipaq ñaupaq qelqanmi nin, “Papa tarpuy”.

Inti qori chuqchanta wachirichimun, papa chaqraman purinanpaq. Mayu unuraqmi chhallarimun papa, chaqra llankay qallarinanpaq. Sayarisun puririsun papa chaqraman puririsun. Kusisqa sunqalla llankasunchis papa chaqrata llanka sunchis.

Papa mamaqa uywakunallasunmis. Pacha mamaqa uywakunallasunmis llapallanchis. Papa chaqrata ruwasunchiq. Llapan unkuymanata amachananchiqpaq qali qali purinanchispaq.

Papacha tukuy sonqoywanmi napayqamuyki raymiykita yuyarispa.


Enghlish version

Potato Sowing

We walk towards the potato. I arrived at the field exhausted. Brothers and sisters, wishing you a beautiful day. My name is Rodrigo Pacco Pacco. I am from the community of Paru Paru. Today I will recite a poem about Potato Sowing. Therefore I will offer coca leaves to the Mother Earth and the Apus. Apu Condor Puñuna, accompany me to be able to recite this poem, Apu Qepor could you also accompany me, Mother of the Lake. My poem is entitled Potato Sowing.

With your first rays, Father Sun, you make the earth of our fields productive.
Even the water rejoices to be in contact with the earth.
Joyfully the water spreads in the field to begin its work.

We wake up, we walk to the potato field. With our heart filled with joy, we work in the potato field.

Mother Earth nurtures us, she protects us. Mother Earth gives her fruits to all.
We work united in the field, to secure our food. The potato protects us from all illness, so we can stay healthily.

Little potato, with all my heart, I greet you, remembering your day.

Thank you.

Translated by Aniceto Ccoyo Ccoyo, Jessica Villacorta & Tammy Stenner

Biography of the author

Rodrigo Pacco Pacco was born in the community of Paru Paru (district of Pisac, Cuzco). He is 13 years old and proud that his parents taught him agriculture, and how to recognize native potato varieties. He likes helping them to prepare chuño, which is a core labor and sustenance for his family.