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Of the Beautiful Potato by Vanesa Yupanki Huaraka

Quechua version


Turaykuna ñañaykuna Allin punchau kankunawan. Qachun noqa kunan hoj jawarita mastarimusaq. Noqaq sutiqtaqmy Vanesa Yupanki Huaraka. Noqa cani comunidad Paru Parumanta wataqtaqmi. Chunka pusaqniyuq jarawi. Umalliqllintaqmi "Papachamanta".

Pacha papacha munay chaska ñawi, chaska ñawiriwanmi intiparaq killataraq. Penqarichinki qan hinaqa manan pipas. Kanmanchu kanqa. Sumaq miski mihuycha kanki.

Papacha papacha qanta mikhuspan. Runakuna kayku allin kallpayuq. Chuchu chela mana ima onqoypas japiwankuchu. Qanta papacha chiripipas wayrapipas rurullanki.

Papacha papacha qanta runan allamuspaqa pikuwan. Takayusunkiku hinallataq uywakunapas; Mikhusunkiku saruyusunkiku kanqa kuyayta. Waqanki chay waqaqta rikuspa noqapas sonqoy nanan waqaykuna japiwan.

Chaymi noqa punchaynikita yuyarispa hoj jarawita mastaramuni soqoy ujumanta.


Enghlish version

Of the Beautiful Potato

Brothers and sisters wishing you all a beautiful day. On this opportunity, I will recite a poem. My name is Vanessa Yupanki Huaraka. I am from the community of Paru Paru, I am 18 years old. My poem is entitled Of the Beautiful Potato.

Little potato, little potato with beautiful shining eyes; with your shining eyes, you even embarrass the sun and the moon.

There is no one like you. You are a food with rich flavours.

Little potato, little potato, we feed ourselves with your fruits,
People are strong, no illness catches us easily.
You little potato, in the cold and in the wind, you still give your fruits.

Little potato, little potato, when we harvest you, we hit you with our pick.

Likewise, animals eat you, they trample you.
You cry sadly.
And I, seeing you cry, feel pain in my heart and I want to cry.

That’s why, remembering that today is your day, I recite this poem from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you

Translated by Aniceto Ccoyo Ccoyo, Jessica Villacorta & Tammy Stenner

Biography of the author

Vanessa Yupanqui Huaraka was born in the community of Paru Paru (district of Pisac, Cuzco). Now 18 years old, she studied at the Amauta College in Qello Qello. She currently sustains agricultural production, as well as alpaca and sheep breeding. Since she was a child, she loved her parents’ potato production, including chuño processing to cook her favourite meal: fried trout with chuño and potatoes.